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Easy Pilgrim Hat Placeholders

Pilgrim Hat Placeholders

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is never too early to be planning your meal and table decorations.…

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Teach Me! – Humpty Dumpty Oops!


Research has shown how important nursery rhymes are for children.…


Movie Candy Display


Hi Everyone, I’m Mandy and I’m excited to be back sharing another foam project with you.  …

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Easy DIY Fabric Pumpkins


Today I’ve got a fun project for you! These DIY Fabric Pumpkins are so simple to assemble and will make a lovely addition to any fall home decor.…

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Faux Wooden Pumpkin

Faux Wooden Pumpkin Craft

Today I’m sharing a super cool Fall pumpkin craft!  …

Spider Marionette


Growing up my dad had a bird marionette.  It was so fun to watch–but I never got to play with it because it would get tangled pretty easily.  …


Easy Gold Raven Skull


Gold home decor is trendier than ever this year and Halloween decorations are no exception.  …

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Teach Me! – Skelly


Why did the skeleton cross the road? To get to the body shop!…

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DIY Halloween Wreath


Today I have a beautiful Halloween Wreath to share with you.  …


15 Easy DIY Halloween Projects


Today I want to share with you an E-Book that we put together that is full of fun, Halloween, DIY project ideas using our favorite crafting canvas…foam!  …