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Teach Me! – Emoji Dice

Cell phone emojis are so much fun! Early Childhood and Pre-K aged children would love to create their own emojis.…

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Teach Me! – Up ‘n Atom

Fourth and fifth graders typically study the parts of an atom, as part of their science program.…

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Teach Me! – Cake Color Game


Early childhood and preschool teachers can tell you how important matching games are for little minds!…

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Teach Me! – Shish-Kebab Values


Kids love COLOR! And we have a great way to teach them how to mix paint to make all the colors.…

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Teach Me! – Humpty Dumpty Oops!


Research has shown how important nursery rhymes are for children.…

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Teach Me! – Skelly


Why did the skeleton cross the road? To get to the body shop!…

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Teach Me! – Spider Spelling


This spider is such a fun (and educational) project that your kindergartner or first grader will be thrilled to make.…


Teach Me! – Branches of Government

BranchesOfGovt.2T with Watermark

Your second or third grader will learn all about the structure of the U.S.…


Teach Me! – Counting Critters

counting critters
Hi, I’m Cindy and every other Tuesday I’ll be here to share a fun project with you that can be used to teach an educational lesson – now known as “Teach Me Tuesday”!…