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Shamrock Wreath

Shamrock Wreath

I don’t usually do a lot of decorating for St. Patrick’s Day but I do love switching up my front door wreath…especially when it’s easy!  When I was at the party store trying to find a few things for my daughter’s school project, I spotted a couple of fun and crazy items that I thought would be perfect to use to make a wreath!  So today I am sharing this Shamrock Wreath with you!

Supplies needed to create this project:

  • FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam: 18″ Wreath
  • FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Tools
  • Shamrock Tights (yes, tights…like the ones you wear on your legs!!) or Shamrock Fabric
  • Shamrock Bow or Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun & Glue

Shamrock Wreath


You seriously won’t believe how easy this wreath is to make!  What makes this wreath really cool is the green shamrock tights, right!?  I mean, you can’t get any cooler then bright green shamrock tights.  I actually am thinking about going back to the store to buy another pair to wear on St. Paddy’s day…maybe…

Anyway, to make this craft, you will need to begin by using your knife foam tool to cut through the foam wreath.  Just make one cut through the wreath at any point that you want.

Shamrock Wreath

Next you will take the tights out of the package and cut them.  Mine came footless, but if yours come with feet you will want to cut the feet off.  You will also want to cut the top off as well, we’re just using the legs.

You will simply put your tights onto your wreath starting at the cut you made on the foam wreath.  You will put them on just like you put a pair of tights on your legs!  When you get half way around, stop and put the second leg on the other side of the wreath.  They should meet in the middle.

Shamrock Wreath

You can use a bit of glue to secure the tights on the wreath if you want.  Overlap the tights  where they meet at the beginning and end so that you don’t see any wreath sticking through.  You can add glue to put the wreath back together. Last, attach your bow to the wreath!

Shamrock Wreath

Hang on your wall, over your fireplace or on your front door!

Shamrock Wreath

And that’s it!  In just a few minutes you easily have a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day Wreath!



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