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Tulip Floral Arrangement for Beginners

Tulip Centerpiece

Don’t you just love Spring? One of my favorite parts of Spring is watching all the flowers bloom in beautiful colors. And I just love tulips. Don’t you? They come in so many fun colors, and their bright blooms give a great pop of color to wherever they are. That’s why this Tulip Centerpiece is a wonderful way to decorate for Spring!  I chose to use coral tulips for this centerpiece, because who doesn’t love coral tulips? But you could use yellow, or pink, or purple, or red. Whatever suits your taste!

Supplies needed to make this project:

  • FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam: Cube 5″
  • Two Bunches of Silk Tulips (I used a coral)
  • 5″ Wide Burlap Ribbon
  • 2″ Wide Wired Burlap Ribbon
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Foam Paintbrush
  • Low-Temperature Glue Gun & Glue

Tulip Centerpiece


The first thing you will need to do is use your wire cutters to cut the tulips from the bunch. Be sure to leave approximately 3″ of stem.

Tulip Centerpiece

Cut a piece of 5″ burlap ribbon to cover the outside of the foam cube. Secure with glue. A low-temperature glue gun will work better with this project so that the foam doesn’t melt.

Tulip Centerpiece

To make the top match the burlap ribbon, I chose to paint around the top of my cube before securing all the stems with glue. I chose a bronze paint. If you chose to use another color of ribbon, you might want to match your paint to your ribbon color, too.  You could also fill in the top with Spanish moss.

Tulip Centerpiece

Next, arrange your tulips into the top of the foam cube.  I stood mine side by side, all at the same height, but you could vary heights if you want. If you’d like, you can add a dab of glue to the stems before inserting them into the foam.

Tulip Centerpiece

Last, tie a burlap ribbon into a pretty bow with the 2″ burlap and glue to the front of your cube. I used a wired burlap ribbon that was thinner than the ribbon I used to cover the cube. The wire helped the bow to hold its shape.

Tulip Centerpiece

And that’s it!

Tulip Centerpiece

I love how simple this project was to complete and it adds just the pop of spring color I was looking for!  What type of flowers would you use for your arrangement?



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