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Yarn Wrapped Arrow Decoration

Looking for a fun way to decorate for Valentine’s Day? Each year I get excited to add sweet tones of pinks and reds to our home decor. Any holiday that features pink is a win in my book! Today I am excited to share this fun DIY Yarn Wrapped Arrow.

Supplies needed to make this project:

  • FloraCraft® Make It:Fun® Foam: 1 x 12 x 36″ Sheet
  • FloraCraft® StyroCutter® Plus
  • Pink & Red yarn
  • Permanent Marker
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun & Glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush


You’ll start by sketching out your arrow pieces with a marker on the foam sheet.

Now you’ll use the StyroCutter® Plus to cut out your arrow shapes. You’ll want to go slow and let the tool do the work. If the wand is bending, you’re pressing too hard.

(This is an optional step.) Apply acrylic paint to your arrow shapes. This helps to camouflage the foam beneath the yarn. Be sure to let the paint dry fully before moving onto the next step.

Next up you’ll wrap yarn around the arrow pieces. This gets tricky around the sharp corners so I recommend using glue to help secure the yarn in place.

Use glue to secure arrow pieces together to finish off your project.

How cute and simple is that? It is such a fun addition to our Valentine’s Decor.


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