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Thankful Wreath


With fall here and Thanksgiving right around the corner, I decided to create something fun, pretty and helpful for our family remember what they are grateful for this time of year.  Making a Thankful Wreath is a way to allow your family to reflect on the important things throughout the month of November.

This craft is fun to create and a great way to involve your kids!  Let your kids cut the leaves or at least pick the paper to use.  It really can become a fun family project if you want or just a pretty decor piece.


Supplies needed to make this project:

  • FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam: 16″ Wreath
  • Foam Brush
  • Acrylic Paint (I used gold)
  • Cardstock: Various Fall Colors
  • Scissors
  • Straight Pins



You will begin by using a foam brush to paint your foam wreath with craft paint.  You don’t need this to be perfectly covered in paint, just enough to take away the bright white color of the foam.  The best way to paint a foam wreath is to simply put paint on a foam brush and blot it onto the foam wreath.


While the paint is drying, you can begin to cut out leaf shapes from cardstock.  We used a variety of fall colors, but you can create this to match the color palette of your home or even use all one color.  The leaves don’t need to be perfectly shaped or all the exact same size.


You can use this wreath in a couple of different ways.  You can either place all the leaves onto the wreath form now and ask everyone to write one thing a day they are grateful for on the leaves.  Or you can put the leaves in a vase or basket and put them on the wreath form after something you are grateful for has been written on the leaf, with the goal to fill the wreath before Thanksgiving time.

But I want to show you how pretty this looks when it is all filled!  Attaching your leaves to your wreath is easy using straight pins.


Your wreath should be filled in time for your Thanksgiving celebration.  Or at least that can be your goal!  I bet once you get your family thinking of things they are grateful for, you will easily be able to fill this wreath in no time.


Or you can simply make the wreath as a fun decoration.  But I love the idea of using this as a Thankful Wreath for the month of November.


Do you take time in November to reflect on the things you are grateful for?



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