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Easy DIY Pokémon® Poké Balls


Pokémon® Go is so popular right now, it’s crazy.  I have three boys and they are all obsessed and so is my husband.  My son just turned 4 and he wanted a Pokémon® party so I knew right away that I wanted to use the foam balls and make some pokeballs for the party.

I know this craft has been done before but of course, I had to use FloraCrafts balls to make one for their new site!

Supplies needed to make this project: 

DIY Pokemon Pokeball Craft


I actually used several different sizes for this craft. I made small ones for the kids to hunt in our yard, and I made some larger ones for the party table.  Start by marking the center.  I used a sharpie to add my guideline around the middle of the ball.  I found a cup the same width of the ball and set the ball inside. Then I added my line around the center.

DIY Pokemon Pokeball Craft


Next, I used a small stick I had from my craft supplies and put it through the bottom. Then I painted the top half of the ball with red acrylic paint.  I let the balls dry for 4 hours because I did add the paint on pretty thick.  I stuck the sticks in a scrap piece of foam while they dried.

DIY Pokemon Pokeball Craft

DIY Pokemon Pokeball Craft

After the paint dried, I used some black tape for the middle of my Poké Ball.  It went on really easy.

DIY Pokemon Pokeball Craft

Finally, it’s time to add the center of the Poké Ball!!  I already had some circle punches on hand from my scrapbooking days.  I did a large black circle and small white circle and hot glued them into place.

DIY Pokemon Pokeball Craft

I think I did a total of 35 Poké Balls for the party.  I gave the larger ones out as party favors and the smaller ones were used for decorations and a Poké Ball hunt.



DIY Pokemon Pokeball Craft

The foam balls were of course the perfect thing to use for this craft.  You could have your kids make their Poké Balls themselves, it’s such a super easy craft.





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