Easy & Inexpensive Decorative Spheres

DIY Decorative Sphere

Today’s project is so simple but makes such a fun decor piece for the house. One of my favorite stores had some great inspiration for these but they were a little pricey. For just one, $10!!   So of course, the crafter in me figured out a way to make them myself on the cheap. So let’s get started!!

Supplies needed to make this project:

  • FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Balls: Any Size
  • Decorative Rock Vase Filler – I used white but you can use any color you like
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun & Glue

DIY Decorative Sphere


Seriously you guys, this project is SO simple!  I started off by adding a dab of glue to the foam ball and firmly placing my rock on top.  Make sure to stock up on glue sticks for this project, you’ll need them.

DIY Decorative Sphere

Continue gluing rocks closely together until the entire ball is covered.

DIY Decorative Sphere

As you can see I just worked my way around the foam ball and filling in all the bare spots until I was finished!!  It’s THAT simple!!!

Decorative spheres can get pretty pricey when purchasing them stores like Pottery Barn and Pier 1 but when you make them yourself, they are completely affordable.  And you can change them out with the season.

DIY Decorative Sphere

What color rocks will you use to make yours?

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