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Snowball Bucket Games

Today we are playing double duty by making an adorable snowball bucket decoration and playing a few fun games!  This is the perfect winter break boredom buster for restless kiddos.

Supplies needed to make this project:

  • FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam: Balls (These foam balls come in lots of sizes so you can grab whatever ones you want!)
  • Metal Bucket
  • Vinyl Cut Outs (the word “Snowballs” and some snowflakes)


I attached the vinyl word and snowflake to the bucket and just put the FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Balls in. That’s it! The foam balls look like snow and make such a fun filler for my winter decor!

This actually looks so cute just as a decoration. Put it by your fireplace or on your front step.

I am always in need of quick games to play–class parties, church activities, babysitting! So I have 3 fun games you can play with this bucket of snowballs! (I love double duty!)


Just put the bucket away from you and toss the balls in!  You can grab a piece of tape to put on the ground for the kids to stand behind. Easiest game to play! You can of course make fun rules: stand on one foot when throwing, throw with your left hand, throw with your eyes closed, etc!

Second game: SNOWBALL BLOW

You need a straw to play this one.  We played it by putting two foam balls on the edge of the table. Two people go against each other and using the straw you have to to blow the ball as close to the edge as possible WITHOUT going over! It’s harder than it sounds!

Then we got creative and put the bucket on the floor at the other side of the table and tried to see if we could blow it across the table and make it fall into the bucket! Also pretty tricky!


I bought some foam core board and cut out a snowman leaving a hole where his mouth was.

Once cut out, paint him or color him with markers to bring him to life.  Then it’s just a matter of tossing the foam snowball into the snowman’s mouth!

There you go! A cute bucket that doubles as a fun game in a pinch!  What other games can you think of to play with a bucket of snowballs?



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