umbrella topiary
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Beach Umbrella Topiary

The beach is one of my happy places--whether on the east coast, the west coast, or Hawaii (which truthfully might be my favorite beach of all), I love sitting in the sand and listening to the sounds of the ocean brushing against the shore.…
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Rad Dad Father's Day Desk Trophy

Did you know that you can cut foam sheets with a cookie cutter?!  It's true!  Today I'm going to use that technique in making this fun Rad Dad Desk Trophy, perfect for an awesome work display and Father's Day Gift (which is this Sunday...just…
Watermelon Topiary
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Easy Watermelon Topiary

It's JUNE!!  I'm so excited for the warmer temperatures and all the fresh fruit that comes in season this time of year. I love all the summer parties when families and friends get together and hang out on porches and patios, around pools…
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DIY Pineapple Decor

I was recently redoing a section of my craft room and really wanted a fun pineapple to sit on a shelf.  And what's a crafter to do...make one! It's so easy and the perfect decor addition for the summer.  Just think how funky this could…
Burlap and Paper Flower Summer Wreath
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Paper Flower Burlap Wreath

Summer is one of my favorite times of year! I love the green grass and the bright colors I see people wearing around town or at the pool. And, with the pastel tones of spring making way for brighter colors, I thought this Burlap and Paper…

Donut Mug Bouquet

This is such a fun way to give a yummy gift!  Whether it be a birthday, new baby, or just because, this Donut Mug Bouquet is perfection.  And, it's perfect for Mother's Day (which is Sunday...just in case you were wondering!). Supplies…
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10 Minute Seashell Succulent Arrangement

I absolutely love anything coastal. It's my thing and I'm seriously obsessed.  I also love succulents!  So, you can just imagine how I feel about this Succulent Seashell Arrangement.  And the best part is, it only takes 10 minutes to…
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Mother's Day Brunch Floral Centerpiece

Looking for a cute way to pretty up your table this Mother's Day? Add some beauty and style to your brunch display with this elegant floral Mother's Day centerpiece. Not only is this arrangement beautiful for Mother's Day, but it would…